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  • We are proud to be a authorized seller of PC*MILER® products which include:

    PC*Miler® is point-to-point highway routing and mileage software. It features the largest and most accurate North American database with more than 638,000 miles, 252,000 accessible locations and all 5 digit ZIP codes. PC*MILER® provides latitude/longitude routing, route optimization, leg and cumulative mileages, time and cost estimates, detailed driving instructions, state-by-state mileage summaries, map-quality graphics and Practical, Shortest, National Network and Toll Discouraged mileages over the entire North American highway system. PC*MILER® generates point-to-point mileages, routes, and driving instructions over the United States, Canadian, and Mexican highway systems. PC*MILER® will calculate an unlimited number of mileages and routes on a single personal computer or a network installation.

    PC*Miler/Europe® is the first ever European commercial routing and mileage software. It provides highway routing between 38 European countries within Great Britain, Scandinavia, and the former Soviet Union. PC*MILER/EUROPE® features an extensive highway database including more than 900,000 kilometers and 62,000 accessible locations. It features the same functionality as PC*MILER® plus European latitude/longitude routing and country distance summary reports. PC*MILER/EUROPE® generates point-to-point routes, distances, and driving instructions over 38 European countries within Eastern and Western Europe, Great Britain, Scandinavia, and the former Soviet Union. PC*MILER/EUROPE® will calculate an unlimited number of distances and routes on a stand-alone or networked personal computer. PC*MILER/EUROPE® calculates point-to-point distances for an origin-destination pair of locations with unlimited stop-off points. PC*MILER/EUROPE® provides leg and cumulative distances, time and cost estimates, a country-by-country distance summaries, and Practical, Shortest, or Toll Discouraged distances over the entire European system of truck-usable highways

    PC*FuelTax® is the first ever fuel and mileage tax reporting software to fully automate all aspects of fuel and mileage tax tracking, calculation and reporting for motor carriers, private fleets, and owner/operators throughout North America. This
    breakthrough product enables you to instantly calculate taxes owed, refunds and credits, saving you time and money. Tracking the route, calculating distance and recording fuel purchases for each trip made by each truck in a fleet is a difficult and time-consuming task. Assimilating that information and determining the tax owed to each jurisdiction is complicated by the volume of data, variety of reporting methods, and the unique regulations imposed by each jurisdiction. In addition, you will no longer have to worry about gathering all of the appropriate tax forms, rates, and addresses for the various jurisdictions in which you operate. This painstaking process will be handled for you with updates every quarter! PC*FuelTax® is the only fuel and mileage tax reporting software with on-line tax forms and rates for all jurisdictions. The seamless PC*MILER® interface generates mileages within the on-line trip sheet. PC*FuelTax® unique import feature fully automates all aspects of fuel and mileage tax tracking, calculation and reporting.

    allows users to display geographic data as "pin maps" for integrated real-time routing and mapping. It enables users to: track, map, and visualize facilities, equipment, loads, and customer locations; perform "what if" scenarios for complicated logistics problems; and integrate real-time maps into dispatch operations.

    PC*Miler/Server™ seamlessly interfaces the full range of PC*MILER® routes, mileages, and reports with all leading transportation and logistics software. It provides detailed driving instructions, driving times, state-by-state mileage summaries and stop optimization.

    PC*Miler/Spreadsheets™ gives users the ability to access the powerful PC*MILER® database from within their own spreadsheet software. Users can generate point-to-point mileages and driving times in their spreadsheets, allowing built-in functions to summarize and analyze their data.