• Dispatching Plus II can be used by brokers and \ or trucking companies for trailer loads or less than trailer loads. Some of the added features are:
  • Dispatching Plus II is now interfaced with QuickBooks, allowing you to import customers, employees and vendors from QuickBooks.
  • Also export carriers, customers, personnel, invoices, carriers pay, drivers pay and commissions from Dispatching Plus II, into QuickBooks
  • Available in single user and networked version, with or without QuickBooks interface
  • Complete load, trip, customer, carrier, personnel, vehicle, advance and rates\quotes databases
  • Carriers, pay, drivers pay and salesperson commissions
  • Profit for each load shown right on screen
  • Rating \ Quote database. Set the load up once and use it over and over again
  • Account tabs on carrier, customer, personnel and vehicle forms allows you to quickly get account history based on any dates
  • Add your own comments and memo to invoices for each customer
  • Add your own rate comments and memo to rate confirmation sheets
  • Easily copy any previously entered load
  • Check calls for carriers and drivers
  • Dispatcher will get a warning if any carrier's expiration dates are within thirty days or less of expiring or has expired.
  • Dispatcher will get a warning if any carrier, customer or personnel is marked with to be flagged
  • Defaults can be entered for each workstation
  • Easily setup passwords to enter program
  • Easily setup rights for viewing, entering and updating records and forms.
  • Most ways to invoice your loads or pay your carriers or drivers are setup for you, but if you need a different way, you can add it.
  • Setup drivers pay rate once in the personnel database and click one button and bring pay rate over to each load
  • Can handle trailer loads or LTL loads
  • Trips database automatically track date, time and status changes each time trip is saved. Great for tracking when drivers call in and trips status changes
  • Not using a record, but want to keep it for future reference, simply mark it as Not Active. Allows you to see only the records you need to. Any record that is marked as Not Active can be made active again.
  • Tired of giving out directions. Enter them once in customers database and print out for each customer or on certain load confirmation sheets they will print automatically
  • Track pallets 9 different ways
  • More powerful search option. Search on almost any field
  • Hot Keys used throughout the program. Get away from using your mouse if you want.
  • Over 43,000 zip \ postal codes included. Enter the zip \ postal code and the city and state will be entered for you.
  • Over 300 reports included allows you to get out the information in different formats, including 30
  • Profit and Loss reports Print mailing and shipping labels
  • And much, much more.......

Dispatching Plus II

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