See how much money you are making and where you are spending it. Profit Tracker Plus II will calculate the following on a dollar and per mile basis

  • Revenue
  • Pay
  • Advances
  • Fuel Purchases
  • Expenses
  • Profit and Loss

Profit Tracker Plus II also has complete databases for customers, fuel stops, personnel, vehicles and a zip code database with over 43,000 zip codes. You can generate over 200 easy to read reports for the dates you choose. Some of the reports you can print are: invoices, expenses, revenue, pay, advances, fuel purchases, state mileage, account information, profit and loss, preventive maintenance, fuel stops, customers, personnel, vehicles, pallets, directions, mailing labels, shipping labels and more. Some other features

  • Powerful search capabilities

  • Lists (that you can customize) are used throughout the program to save you time
  • Customize your invoices
  • Customize the way you rate your loads and pay your drivers
  • Get account information for customers, fuel stops, loads, personnel and vehicles right on the screen
  • Shows you how much each driver and vehicle is making right on the screen
  • Shows you how much business you did with each customer and fuel stop right on the screen
  • Work from one screen and enter new information "On the Fly"

Available in multi truck, single user or multi truck, networked version. Profit Tracker Plus II is easy to use software that allows you to keep track of the cost of running your vehicles and business and will work for owner-operators or fleets, for 1 truck or 1,000. Profit Tracker Plus II allows you to enter and track all of the following on one form

  • Any expense (truck payments, tolls, oil changes, parts, etc.) 
  • Where loads picked up and delivered
  • Revenue on loads ‚ó¶Drivers pay (2 drivers per load)
  •  Fuel purchases (diesel, refer, gas, etc.)
  • Advances
  • State mileage and routes taken
  • Profit and loss (in dollars and per mile)
  • Maintenance for future PM scheduling (by days, mileage or hours)
  • Invoice your loads
  • If you were paid for loads
  • If drivers were paid
  • Track pallets

Profit Tracker Plus II
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